Little Ink was a design magazine developed for a group project as part of typographical studies – including typesetting and layouts.

Week 1: Inspiration and Initial Concepts

Research on various magazines and other documents/images were compiled on Pinterest to form a mood board that represented the focus words, topic and demographic of our magazine. The minimalistic stye and consistent theme throughout the “Rocca” magazine are all aspects we aim to demonstrate in our magazine and this provided good inspiration for how these elements can be executed. The minimalistic typefaces and layout in Cereal magazine provided inspiration for typefaces, use of white space and margins.

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Week 2: Typeface Research and Finalising Articles

When researching typefaces, I came across “Limelight” for headings as it was bold and decorateive, however it was too structural and not delicate enough for the magazine. We discovered the typeface “Abril-Fatface”, which was the perfect font for headings and the title of our magazine.
Once the topic, style and feel of the magazine was decided and we were allocated the sections of the project we would be completing, I went about finding a feature article and personal story to use. The following articles is what I used.

Week 3: Initial Designs

As a group we created a grid that was to be used across our whole magazine, in addition to developing paragraph styles and colour schemes which we would all adhere to in order to create a cohesive magazine.

When brainstorming what to do for the cover of “Little Ink” magazine, we all had different unique concepts which ultimately led to the final design. The following images are ideas and experimentation that I did. Trying to find a way to link the magazine cover with the actual contents of the magazine, I was inspired to develop the hand illustration (as created by Imogen) into the style of Miso, one of the feature designers in the magazine. Ultimately, there was too much going on, however it lead to the final cover which was the hand with a tattoo in the style of Miso’s tattoos illustrated on the wrist.

Week 4: Finalising Designs

The following images are the final designs for my pages of the magazine.

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